Contact Free Arrivals Policy

  • Guests will be contacted prior to their arrival date, and will be asked to pay their balance via credit card at that time.  This will eliminate the guest coming into the office to provide payment, as well as eliminating the exchange of credit cards or cash.  If a guest insists on paying by cash or check, we will arrange for them to come into the office and we will complete the transaction with as little contact as possible.
  • Upon arrival, guests will go directly to their unit, which will be unlocked.  The keys and necessary documentation (parking pass, COVID notices, etc.) will be in the unit.
  • Arrival time is changed to 3:00 pm.  No early arrivals and no late check-outs will be allowed.
  • Guests will be advised that if there is service required in their unit, they should call the office with a request.  We will try to resolve the issue on the telephone (remote control, WiFi access, etc.).  If it cannot be done that way, we will work with the guest to provide the service in their unit in a safe way, i.e., having the guest leave the unit.  Our staff will be wearing a face masks and gloves if they must enter the unit.
  • Some requests may need to wait until guest departure.
  • Some requests may require vendor assistance (appliance repair, air conditioning repair, plumbing) if the issue is truly something that needs immediate attention.  At the Manager’s discretion, a vendor may be called in.  Vendors will be required to wear a face mask and gloves.
  • Upon leaving a unit, staff and/or vendors will disinfect any areas touched.
  • Guests will be asked to call the office to re-book for next year, and not to come into the office to do so.
  • Departure envelopes will be given to guests so that keys can be dropped in the slot in the office door upon departure.